Quality Marine Service & Repair.

Let us take care of your boat maintenance and repair work so that you can get back out on the water!

We offer licensed mechanics and shipwrights, fair rates, and a clean, well-equipped boatyard with a 5-anchor rating from Clean Marine BC. We feature an eco-friendly bottom washing system and a new 50-ton Travelift. Do-it-yourself owners and approved trades are welcome.

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We are open year-round to support boaters. Our new facility is operated by the experienced team of Valet Yacht Services, who are eager to provide a broad scope of services.


Boaters can do the repairs for themselves, hire our staff to do the repairs, or work with our staff to complete their project. We provide access to all marine parts with daily deliveries from Payne’s and Western Marine. Here is a list of our onsite services:

  • Haul out and blocking of boats
  • Bottom cleaning and painting service
  • Quick lifts for marine surveys and insurance
  • Insurance claims
  • General Shipwright
  • Gel coat repairs
  • Fibregalss repairs
  • Alexseal painting
  • A selection of popular zincs for annual replacement
  • Onsite hazardous waste disposal available for a fee
  • Zinc-coating props and shafts
  • Cleaning props and shafts
  • Cleaning and inspecting thru hulls
  • Limited off-season storage available

Valet Yacht Services Ltd is the result of combined efforts from two industry veterans: Stratos (Stan) Taliadouros and Patrick Nykilchuk.

Stratos, who also goes by his anglicized name Stan, began his career in the marine industry in the late ‘90s with his repair company called Stratos Yacht Services.

During its 20 years of business, Stratos worked on small and large yacht refits and repair. He has expertise with fibreglass, gel coat, and, in particular, yacht painting. His focus on yacht painting led him to become one of the leading yacht painters in BC and North America, painting vessel from 25ft up to 145ft.

Patrick began his marine career as a sailing instructor in the early ’90s before moving into managing and, in some cases, partially owning charter companies such as Seawing Sailing, Safari Sailing and Cooper Boating. His passion for customers and boat owners lead him to help develop and refine systems for a better customer and boat owner experience.

Over the obligatory pints that sailors enjoy in the pub, Stratos, Patrick and a fellow boat owner talked about how to introduce a better customer experience into a repair company. The general consensus was that improved communication and transparent pricing would go a long way to create a better customer experience.

Valet Yacht Services Ltd. prides itself on having informed discussions with clients and providing a fair estimate to help plan a realistic budget. Communication is key throughout the process. Valet Yacht Services provides regular updates via phone and email, and we also document with quality control forms, pictures and videos so the client understands the process. If an unexpected condition requires repair appears, Valet will have a discussion with the owner to ensure they understand the pros and cons of proceeding. The owner then approves or declines in writing. This creates a clear path to the completion of the project. It’s been our experience that customers truly appreciate the process and feel comfortable spending the money required to keep their boats running and looking great!

Boat owners have choice as to where they take their vessels to get serviced. Valet Yacht Services Ltd is proud to offer a boutique experience to our customers but with a management team that has over 35 person years of experience in the marine industry. We can repair and paint your fibreglass, carbon fibre or metal vessel. We use top of the range Alexseal coatings in all our projects. We can help ensure you spend more time enjoying your boat on the water, rather than visiting it in the yard.

Let’s talk today about how we can help you with your project.

Rates Trades

Qualified, documented trades are welcome provided they comply with Maple Bay Marina regulations, including:

  • WorkSafe Clearance Letter
  • Proof of Liability Insurance
  • Valid Business License

Contact us to get on our approved trades list

Trades Policy

Marine Travelift

Use our new service to save time and increase productivity (…and peace of mind).

Our boatyard now has a state-of-the-art 50-ton Travelift available to make routine hull and mechanical maintenance so much easier and more efficient. Our steady operators reliably hoist boats in any tide and smoothly make short hauls of up to 70 feet on the marina site. Cut down on wear and tear on your boat at affordable rates.